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Dated: 8 August 2012

Being a novice in the construction field it’s not that easy to achieve what you desire. If you feeling that it’s just impossible to … nail your goals or even to secure your first chance then STOP and THINK AGAIN. Don’t even think of giving up just because you’re facing difficulties and failures! If you seriously want to drop something then let it be the idea of backing off.

Something interesting I stole from Benjamin Frempong-Mensah, a graduate fellow on the LinkedIn Group GradEng Network.


To every sag (recession) there will be an equal and opposite crest (boom).”


Truuuuueeee… I definitely agree with him. Just because there are hurdles ahead doesn’t mean there is no scope to grow and develop your profile. There were two recent opportunities to show what you can do different than others, which I m sure a lot of you have missed.

  1. ICE Apprentice 2012
  2. IStructE Bridge Design Competition for an iconic bridge in Castlemeads, Gloucester.


It does not matter whether you win or not. Not at all! It’s no big deal if you lost! What does matter is that you take that you grab every chance that is thrown in front of you. You WIN the very second You TRY.


Another stolen quote (don’t even know whose is it)

“Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing.”


When you try and fail – you learn and improve. And that makes you different – that’s shows you have the courage to step ahead. I did have a go at the competitions I mentioned above – and it helped me learn what I lack and off course the standard that today’s market holds. Honestly speaking it was a totally random email I received from IStructE about (Gloucester bridge) competition … I popped at my colleagues / now good friends Niri Arambepola, Nicoletta Galluzi and Antony Chiha… and there we were designing an iconic structure … At least we tried! [I will post our submission here in my next blog]


It’s a lot easier when you tell yourself, there is always a next time! And next time it can be you.


I am going to emphasize the importance of standing out like Glen Cooper did, in his last post “Engineering Graduates – Please Wait Here. No Crossing”


It’s about time you plan ahead and what you need is a strategy that WORKS!!!!! And yes the key here is for the strategy to work for you, you need to work on it – develop it and test it. I do sometime fell into the trap myself of believing I can do it or I will do it.

No! No! No!!!!!!



My way is to compete! For fun! To see what I am capable of! To get noticed! To make new friends! And sometimes win as well 😛

Find Yours!


Reason behind this post is to make sure that YOU my friends do not give up trying finding your way forward. Times are hard but you need to believe in yourself and keep trying and the success will be yours.


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