The Structural Engineer!

A blind leading another blind!

Dated:3 July 2012

The above statement is something what my director once told me when I was firing questions at a colleague at work. At that time I was the blind who was following the path chosen for me but today I experienced leading others (hopefully not at the wrong path).


I officially stepped into the world of INSPIRING THE YOUTH.


So I guess it’s a milestone achieved another one added to the things I want to keep doing in life. Surprising yet interesting how the next generation is a lot more focused and determined as compared to we were at their age.  I mentored some GCSE / A-level students aiming to develop a career in Engineering. Just an afternoon and they showed some very impressive attributes

  • The crave to learn about new things
  • Not just absorbing new information but the ability to use it
  • Confidence to speak up and share their thoughts
  • Good sketching skills


A simple puzzle that people take years to solve they taught me in one afternoon. ENGINEERING is not crunching numbers it’s the development of an idea into something more INTERESTING. No they didn’t tell me how to do my job but they definitely showed me the thirst of knowledge – desire to do something and I am looking forward to see more of the young ones off course for very selfish reason i.e. STAYING MOTIVATED.



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